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Our mission is to bring together a comprehensive collection of Texas fossils for the purpose of engaging and educating the general public.  Through meaningful educational experiences, we hope to stimulate appreciation for Texas’ unique fossil record.

 Texas Through Time is a 501c3 Nonprofit fossil museum specializing in fossils found in Texas & surrounding states. Our mission is to bring together a comprehensive collection of Texas fossils for the purpose of engaging and educating the general public. Through meaningful educational experiences we hope to stimulate appreciation for Texas’ unique fossil record.

We have been featured on Discovery & History Channels, Texas Bucket List & featured on news networks.

Admission to our museum is completely free & has hundreds of authentic, and often rare, collection of authentic fossils on display.

When visiting the museum, you will be greeted by life sized dinosaurs outside the museum, one of which you can climb on! Upon entering, you have the option to have a personal tour of the exhibits by one of our guides or a self-guided tour. The exhibits begin at the oldest fossils on record, through the Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous, and the Ice Age.

We have a dig box for kids to excavate a hadrosaur skeleton, a fossil prep lab where guests can view our paleontologists actively working on fossils, a Jr Paleontologists zone for kids to play, kids can test their skills at finding fossils by going on our museum scavenger hunt, and guests can end their visit by shopping in our gift shop.

We hold seasonal exhibits every year, contact us to find out what special exhibit we hold today!

We host tons of events through the year, many of which are free and geared towards kids. Some events include fossil classes, Dino Movie Nights on our outdoor movie screen, an outdoor rock sale quarterly, and an annual Jurassic Park themed haunted house for during Halloween. Follow us on social media or join our email list to keep up with new & upcoming activities!


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Andre LuJan is a professional paleontologist from Dallas, Texas, and CEO of his company PaleoTex, founded in 2016. In 2018 Andre & his wife Carrie founded Texas Through Time museum, where the public and researchers can access hundreds of fossils from the region.

Andre has extensive experience preparing, mounting, casting and providing professional paleontology services, and is a recognized paleontology expert across many media outlets and written publications. With a lifelong passion and pursuit of paleontology, Andre has worked with experts and institutions around the world, is called on for his expertise- especially on Cretaceous and Permian animals of Texas, and has even discovered a new genus of dinosaurs and several new species.

Carrie LuJan is wife to Director Andre LuJan, and Administrator at Texas Through Time. Together they have 3 children and work together to run and grow the museum to a nationally recognized institution. 

Carrie plans events, manages volunteers and staff, correspondence, social media, websites and Texas Through Time’s gift shop.

You can join our team

Texas Through Time needs volunteers!

You can help us in any of the following areas:

-Public Relations

-Research (if qualified)

-Gift Shop

-Fossil Preparation







-Special Events

-Field Excavations

If you are interested in volunteering, fill out our online volunteer form below.

Volunteer Here

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Board of directors

Executive Director- Andre LuJan

Science Advisor- Joseph Sertich, PhD

Director of Education- Chris Delorey



Treasurer- Mary Button, CPA

Administrator- Carrie LuJan


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